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Am 2. Juni 2018 ist das Museum geschlossen.

Wegen einen geschlossenen...

Links zur Detailansicht 228. Kolloquium 21.Juni 2018

"Zur Geschichte des 1300 jährigen Eisenerzabbaues am Steirischen Erzberg in...


and welcome to the website of the deutsches chemie-museum merseburg ? The German Chemistry Museum, Merseburg.

The deutsches chemie-museum merseburg (dchm) is unique in Europe, maybe even in the whole world.

It integrates all the features of a Science Centre, a museum and - exhibited in a Technology Park - a unique collection of original chemical plants and apparatus used in the chemical industry of the 20th century.

The dchm was first set up in 1993, and has been developed ever since.

Since 1996, the school projects - ?Touch Chemistry? and ?Understanding Technology? - have been run at the Science Centre. They have been conducted in cooperation with Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (FH). Together with the Technology Park these projects currently form the ?second pillar? of the dchm.

Now if we have been able to arouse your curiosity, why not take a closer look at our website and visit us in Merseburg.

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