Lothar Teschner

our photographer

Born on June 7th, 1963 in Merseburg, I am firmly rooted in my hometown.
After attending school, I learned the job of a maintenance mechanic in the VEB Leuna works "Walter Ulbricht".
Since I have always been very enthusiastic about technology, this career choice suited me very well.
The complex interplay between technology and chemistry caught me in from the start
cast a spell. I particularly liked the work in the ratio middle building,
professional development as a toolmaker followed.
After completing basic military service at the NVA, I continued to work in the tool shop in Leuna.
The next professional development was not long in coming. Training as a quality controller was pending and a very responsible job began.
That came out for me at the turning point, after 17 years in Leuna.
To date, this activity has never let go of me. Since then I have been working as a controller in the transmission plant near Leipzig.
Throughout the entire time, the camera was and is my constant companion. Starting in school with an SL100 later in teaching, a Praktica MTL5 and until today a digital SLR.
As a hobby photographer looking for new challenges, I got a helpful tip from the MZ local editorial office in Merseburg. The German Chemistry Museum in Merseburg is looking for active support in public relations and photo work.
After a conversation with the chairman of the SCI, Prof. Dr. Thomas Martin started working in January 2019.
I feel good here in the museum, which is why I like to contribute my work.
And best of all, all members are polite, nice and courteous. Not only the association work but also the "chemistry" with each other.
Much of the exhibits seem familiar to me: pumps, compressors, valves, units on which I previously learned and worked are exhibited here.
Of course, the location, for me as a photographer, is extremely interesting here in the museum, as some photographs show.

I can only recommend everyone who is interested in chemistry and technology to participate here.
A sniff is definitely worth it ...