The SCI e.V.

and its goals


In 1993 the association "Sachzeugen der chemischen Industrie e. V." (SCI) founded. The SCI aims to promote science, tradition and the future in technology and culture in the Central German chemical region through projects and measures.

In particular, it promotes the German Chemical Museum Merseburg (dchm), its development and expansion as well as its conceptual development and design.

The SCI achieves its goals by:

  • Acquisition of human, financial and material resources.
  • Projects and measures in the sense of the intended purpose.
  • Education and communication of information to a broad public with the help of publications, conferences, colloquiums and exhibitions.
  • The SCI is cooperating with the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences for this purpose. The cooperation partners want to improve the image of the chemical industry in the sense of "sustainable development" and particularly to stimulate young people's interest in natural science and technology.

As a support association, the SCI operates the dchm in accordance with its constitutional requirements and ensures the further expansion of the dchm. The funding includes constant conceptual development and the provision of know-how for the operation of dchm as well as the acquisition of human, material and financial resources for ongoing operations.

In particular, the SCI supports dchm by attracting sponsors from the private sector and by raising public funds.

The SCI supports the HS in integrating the dchm into teaching and research.

The SCI supports the implementation of the projects "Chemistry you can touch" and "Understand technology" and is actively involved in the development and implementation of expanded and new projects.

Depending on the funding and donations provided, the SCI undertakes the processing, presentation and new acquisition of exhibits and their systematic classification in the exhibition. The SCI will hand over these exhibits to the HS free of charge.

The SCI conceives and realizes scientific events together with the HS.

The SCI conducts active public relations work on dchm's concerns and to improve its public use.