Chemistry experience

a TransInno_LSA subprojekt

The joint project "TransInno_LSA - Structural Evaluation and Modernization of the Network-wide Transfer and Third-Mission Activities" is one of 29 selected projects which are funded within the framework of the BMBF funding initiative "Innovative University". The "Chemistry Experience" is one of a total of 14 sub-projects within the joint project and is located in the field of transfer communication.

With the involvement of the German Chemistry Museum Merseburg (DChM) in the transfer activities of the Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, the project will establish an educational platform by creating a world of experience in chemistry. The DChM serves as an application example, on the basis of which an innovative concept for knowledge transfer between university and society will be developed and implemented.

The declared aim is to transfer the results of current application-oriented research from the various departments of the university to the economy and society by means of an innovative museum concept. The DChM thus becomes a platform for transfer-relevant educational offers at the university, which is directed at all target groups in the cycle of lifelong learning as well as chemical and plastics producing companies.

Current developments in the field of museum education are combined with audiovisual, auditory, visual and digital media for the interactive transfer of technical and technological knowledge in the field of chemistry and MINT subjects. In addition, the historical development of the chemical industry, especially with regard to Central Germany, is also depicted and made accessible in a unique way. The motto "From product to raw material" will determine the concept.

Subproject manager
Prof. Dr. Thomas Martin
Process Engineering/Mechanical and Thermal Processes
Room: Hg/D/2/09
Phone: +49 3461 46-2011

Anja Krause
Research Assistant
Innovative University | TransInno_LSA | Subproject: Chemical Experience
Room: RZ/0/33
Phone: +49 3461 46-2186

Ivonne Reichmann
Research Assistant | TransInno_LSA | Subproject: Chemical Experience
Room: RZ/0/33
Phone: +49346146-2196